Anémone Verte

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After presenting his swimwear collection Metromorphosis for the summer 2009 at the International Fair Body Look in Düsseldorf, designer Gabriel Croissier decides to create his first line of underwear inspired in the Russian constructivism. It is a matter of series limited in which each token goes numbered and where of each alone model is produced to a maximum of 50 equal units, being converted thus a key item of our cabinet if our objective is to differentiate us. 

The Russian constructivism, architectural and artistic movement that arose in Russia in 1914, separates the pure art of the art used as instrument for social purposes, in its day the construction of the socialist system. On the current economic crisis, Gabriel Croissier proposes us a reflection on our economic system and invites us to seek new foundation on the ones that to build our companies. 

The works of artists as Ilya Bolotowsky or Kazimir Malévich serve of inspiration for them embroidered of geometric figures of vinyl that apply to the tokens showing thus their flavor by the craft work and by them embroidered and applications

(via snakesandbondage)