Anémone Verte

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A STUDY ON COSTUME DESIGN | Anna Karenina (2012): costumes by Jaqueline Durran
 Military uniforms: Vronsky’s ensembles are approximations of Russian military uniforms of the period, pared down to the essence of a Russian tunic. 

Vronsky’s palette of gray, pale blue, and white—which compliments his blond hair and blue eyes—sets him apart from the other male characters.

“We did not slavishly try to be correct in any way. We looked at pictures of Russian uniforms and again, Joe said [for Vronsky], “I want to use white.” It became something of a problem because he didn’t want me to use cream, he wanted me to use white, and wool isn’t made white, it’s always made cream. So we had to use another material that wasn’t quite as good a fabric weight for a uniform, but we had to make it work.” –Jaqueline Durran

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